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2 Tray Baine Maire

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 A contemporary alternative to the traditional, liquid-filled bain-marie is the electric "dry-heat" bain-marie, heated by elements below both pots. The dry-heat form of electric bains-marie often consumes less energy, requires little cleaning, and can be heated more quickly than traditional versions. They can also operate at higher temperatures, and are often much less expensive than their traditional counterparts.

Electric bains-marie can also be wet, using either hot water or vapor, or steam, in the heating process. The open, bath-type bain-marie heats via a small, hot-water tub (or "bath"), and the vapour-type bain-marie heats with scalding-hot steam.

Our baine maries can either come with full size trays which means one type of food in one dish or 1/2 size trays which are 1/2 the size of a full tray which give more options of foods to be warmed 

2 Tray Baine Marie- your choice of  2x 1/2 trays or 1 x Full trays


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